Who is the Jets' No. 2 quarterback?

Someone will hold a clipboard, and someone most likely will be inactive. But the New York Jets have been mum on the roles quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow will play Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.

Jets coach Rex Ryan continues to deflect questions about his backup quarterback situation. Things changed dramatically this week when the Jets promoted third-string quarterback Greg McElroy to the top spot ahead of two former first-round picks in Sanchez and Tebow.

But if McElroy gets injured, who comes into the game?

"When I'm ready to let you guys know, I'll let you know that," Ryan told reporters.

Why Ryan isn't answering this question is a little baffling. Perhaps he still hasn't made his decision. But there is no gamesmanship to be played with the backup quarterback. The Chargers are not losing sleep this week over who will enter the game if McElroy is injured.

Our guess is Tebow remains the No. 2 quarterback because of the Wildcat option. The Jets would have to essentially take the Wildcat out of their playbook against the Chargers if Tebow was the No. 3 quarterback.

That would cap quite a fall for Sanchez, who was once thought of as the Jets' franchise quarterback of the present and future. Going from a starter to inactive in one week shows how bad a year Sanchez had.