T.O. calls stats 'pathetic,' but better than Roy's

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Terrell Owens has his statistical measuring stick, and it's a pretty short one.

"I have been looking at my stats compared to Roy E. Williams' stats over there with the Cowboys," Owens said Wednesday at the Buffalo Bills' facility, "and my goal is to have better stats than him by the end of the season."

Owens probably was half-joking, but a major reason the Dallas Cowboys released him was the presence of Williams, who they acquired last season from the Detroit Lions for three draft picks, including first- and third-round choices this year.

Williams has 12 catches for 230 yards and one touchdown with Dallas. Owens has 18 catches for 242 yards and one touchdown for the Bills.

Owens on Wednesday opened up a little about his frustrations with Buffalo's offense and his role in it. He reiterated if he didn't score 10 touchdowns he would give back the key to the city Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown gave him before the season.

Owens was diplomatic in his comments, and nobody can fault the future Hall of Famer for being disappointed with his stats.

"They are pathetic, to be honest," Owens said. "Definitely for me it is very frustrating.

"A lot of people have said that I have hit the wall. I can't play anymore. I know I can play, and that's the thing. I understand what is going on with this team, and from a team standpoint then we are going to have to do the little things to help win games.

"We know we have a lot of rookies on the offensive line. We have a lot of injuries, a lot of new guys filling in, and a lot of first-year guys on the front line. Teams know that and are scheming and pinning their ears back and bringing a lot of pressure. That is not allowing us to throw the ball downfield and get a lot of those timing patterns in that we would like."

Fellow receiver Lee Evans is having an off season, too. In addition to the offensive line, neither Trent Edwards nor Ryan Fitzpatrick has been able to feed Owens the ball regularly. The Bills fired offensive coordinator Turk Schonert 10 days before the season and installed Alex Van Pelt. Drops also have been an issue.

"I think it's a combination of everything," Owens said. "Not to discount or discredit anyone, but the offenses I have been in I have been involved more and there is a lot more of formation shifts. Obviously, the line was a lot more stable.

"We know that we have a young line and teams are just teeing off on us and bringing a lot of pressure. We are trying to get some things downfield given the opportunity, and we have done that and we have misconnected on some."

Owens is projected to have his worst season since he was a rookie. But he expressed optimism a breakout performance could be on the horizon. The Bills host the Houston Texans on Sunday.

"It's just a matter of time before I have my day," he said. "Other than that, we are winning and our main goal here this week and this weekend is to go into the bye week with a win, 4-4, even."

And let's not forget staying one step ahead of Williams.

"Just keep working hard, keep looking at the Roy Williams stats," Owens added. "As long as I am doing better than him I am good."