Keeping Tannenbaum would be a mistake

ESPN's Adam Schefter provided an intriguing report fewer than 24 hours before "Black Monday." Schefter reports through league sources that New York Jets owner Woody Johnson is still considering keeping general manager Mike Tannenbaum together with head coach Rex Ryan for the sake of continuity.

This would be a huge mistake.

Tannenbaum is highly respected in the organization. But he is the primary reason New York's roster is old, expensive and well over the salary cap next year. This includes the mistake last March to hand quarterback Mark Sanchez a $58.25 million extension, which includes a guaranteed $8.25 million salary next season.

The Jets need to make major alterations to their roster in 2013, and Tannenbaum is not the right person for that job. New York needs a new set of eyes to take a hard and unbiased look at the Jets' talent level. Tannenbaum put this team together and may not be capable of admitting his many mistakes.

Schefter also reports offensive coordinator Tony Sparano will be one-and-done with the Jets. This is not a surprise. Sparano, whose offense is ranked 30th, never called plays until this season with the Jets. His offense looked disorganized, and two young quarterbacks -- Sanchez and Tim Tebow -- significantly regressed on Sparano's watch.

The Jets will make changes on their coaching staff, starting with Sparano. But if the Jets do not make changes to their front office by demoting or letting go of Tannenbaum, they are merely spinning their wheels.