Hope and concern: New York Jets

The New York Jets finished another disappointing season with a 6-10 record in 2012.

Here are reasons to be hopeful and concerned about New York’s 2013 offseason:

Reason for hope: A new general manager

Former embattled Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum is out. That provides New York a chance to hire someone who can come in and have a fresh set of eyes for its roster. Tannenbaum created a mess and wasn’t capable of getting the team out of it. The next hire will be less biased and will be willing to cut ties with expensive veterans such as Bart Scott, Calvin Pace and Eric Smith. Making these tough calls will get the Jets closer to being under the salary cap. The Jets need to start over, and it will take a drastic makeover. Some early candidates reportedly include Tom Gamble of the San Francisco 49ers and Marc Ross of the New York Giants.

Reason for concern: Quarterback issue

The three quarterbacks currently on the roster are Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy. None of these players are the long-term solution. The Jets will be getting rid of Tebow this offseason and will examine trading Sanchez, although the latter is very far-fetched. Sanchez is owed a guaranteed salary of $8.25 million next season. It’s doubtful anyone would be willing to take on that salary for a struggling player and the cap hit would more than double if the Jets release him. Sanchez most likely will return to compete for the starting job or as a backup. New York may explore the free-agent market, but the Jets would have to bargain hunt for a quarterback without much cap room in 2013. So you can rule out a high-salary player like Alex Smith. The draft seems like the most reasonable option for New York to attempt to fix this problem.