Fins: Cameron lacking as head coach

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

On a conference call Wednesday with South Florida reporters, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh defended offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who the Miami Dolphins fired after a single 1-15 season.

Cameron will return to Dolphin Stadium when the Ravens visit Sunday afternoon.

"He was an effective coach down in Miami last year even though the results weren't what people were hoping for," Harbaugh said. "He did a great job there with what he had to work with. He's got the respect of our players."

Harbaugh's comments didn't go over well with the Dolphins.

"With 'what he had to work with,'" defensive end Vonnie Holliday repeated. "I guess that's the key, huh?

"What did we have to work with as players?"

Running back Patrick Cobbs, coming off the game of his life, was a guest on ESPN Radio 760 in West Palm Beach, Fla. Cobbs played for Cameron last year, and host Evan Cohen asked about it.
Cobbs, evoking veteran defensive end Vonnie Holliday's sentiments, suggested Cameron and his "little system" was the one the Dolphins were stuck with -- not the other way around.

What is your reaction to John Harbaugh saying Cam Cameron didn't have much to work with in Miami last season?

Cobbs: I don't know how to react to that question. I mean, he had a lot of veteran guys, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Trent Green. I really don't understand what he had to work with. I mean everybody else worked with [those players] just fine.

How many wins would this team have had if Tony Sparano coached it last year?

Cobbs: We would have been better. I mean I don't want to say that, but [new Dolphins coach Tony Sparano's] leadership ability and the way that he wants to practice and the way that he brings stuff to the table is night and day from the way Cam did it.

And no disrespect to Cam, but they are two totally different coaches, and the system Sparano brings in is a totally different system than Cam had, and I think that our guys respond better to Sparano's teachings.

Are John Harbaugh's comments a shot at you guys?

Cobbs: Oh yeah, it is definitely a shot at us, and it hurts, too, because we poured everything we had into [Cameron's] system and trying to do the right thing last year, and it didn't work for us. And we are doing the same thing this year and having success. 'What he had to work with' is kind of -- I don't understand his comment behind that -- but I'm with Vonnie: It's what we had to work with.

What are some differences between Tony Sparano and Cam Cameron?

Cobbs: [Sparano] coaches, I mean he coaches everybody and he coaches everybody the same. He doesn't take it easy on guys that he feels like have been in this league a long time. Sparano coaches regardless of who you are and you will see him down there yelling at Joey Porter just like he would be down there yelling at me.

He wants guys to do it right, he wants guys to do it the same way as he wants it done. I mean he's got a purpose the way he wants things done, and if they aren't done that way he's going to let you know about it regardless of who you are. And it was a little different last year. Cam's little system was 'I am going to try and be different,' and Sparano is different, too.

I mean, he treats people different as well as he should. But [Cameron] doesn't get the most out of his players. I mean it feels like Tony wants the most out of everybody's ability and Cam didn't seem to be demanding that.