Morning take: Rob Ryan in New York?

Here are the most interesting stories Wednesday in the AFC East:

  • Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was fired by the Dallas Cowboys. Could he join twin brother Rex Ryan with the New York Jets?

Morning take: If it happens it will only be as a position's coach. Rex Ryan plans to promote secondary coach Dennis Thurman as New York's next defensive coordinator.

  • The Buffalo Bills will hire former Syracuse offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett for the same position.

Morning take: Former Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone is bringing his own guys to Buffalo. Now all the Bills need is Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib to complete the trifecta on offense.

  • New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes said it's "go hard or go home" in the playoffs.

Morning take: That pretty much sums up the divisional round. This weekend will separate the pretenders from the true title contenders.

Morning take: Bush rushed for more than 2,000 yards over the past two seasons, but I still think Miami plays hardball. The Dolphins have two young running backs in Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas who can share the load next season.