Jason Taylor calls Harbaugh's quotes 'unprofessional,' 'immature'

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
There's another country heard from.

Washington Redskins defensive end Jason Taylor on Thursday morning made his weekly visit to "The Joe Rose Show" on Miami radio station WQAM.

It was a given Taylor would be asked for his reaction to comments Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh's made Wednesday about last year's 1-15 Dolphins team.

Harbaugh was trying to defend Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who was the Dolphins' head coach, but Cameron's former players wound up insulted.

"He did a great job there with what he had to work with," Harbaugh said. "He's got the respect of our players."

Taylor and linebacker Zach Thomas were the Dolphins' defensive co-captains last year.

Rose, a Dolphins tight end in the Dan Marino days, asked Taylor for his take. Taylor laughed at first, then said "I didn't hear those comments" before giving a response that suggested he'd given it much thought.

I would imagine it's a head coach taking up for his offensive coordinator now. Harbaugh wasn't in Miami and didn't know what was going on, so I think it's a little weird for him to say anything. But, look, we all tried to make it work last year. It didn't work out.

We won one game, just so happened to beat the team [Cameron] now works for. It was a tough year for everybody, and for the coach over there to take a shot at the players that were in Miami when he had no idea what the players were doing, the work they were putting in, I think is a little unprofessional.

Rose said he thought Cameron made a bad first impression with the Dolphins' veterans last year and asked if Taylor agreed. I found it interesting Taylor still considers the Dolphins "we," but after 11 years, you can't blame him.

We had talent in Miami last year. We had plenty of guys that could've played well and could have won games for us. If you remove a lot of guys from that team now and look how well they're playing. We should've won last weekend and should've beat the Jets in the opener, beat two teams in New England and San Diego. The talent's there.

Rose asked for Taylor to comment on how Cameron handled the late-season dismissal of veteran defensive tackle Keith Traylor essentially for insubordination.

When you're losing, that losing mentality is very contagious. It makes things worse. When you lose a game, you always played worse. When you win a game, no matter how bad you played, people tell you that you played well. There was a lot of situations we all would've liked to handle differently. There was times in games we could've played better or made a different play.

So I'm not going to take sides for one guy or the other. It was a bad situation. We were losing and kind of stuck in a rut. There was a lot of things that could've been handled different from everybody, players included.

Taylor pointed out Cameron made plenty of changes to the Dolphins' roster after he was hired.

You got 53 professional football players. Harbaugh should know the sacrifices guys go through and things they put their bodies through to play the games. It does take a toll. I think it's kind of immature to take a shot at the players that way.

Let's remember: At the end of the day, the coaches and the staff do pick 12 to 14 players a year, so it wasn't like they didn't have a chance to change [the talent on the team].

So I don't like those comments. But you guys play them this week. We play them later on in the season, too. So maybe I'll have to hear it again, unfortunately.