Looking back on Patriots' best and worst

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

What players and moments have been the best and worst so far for the New England Patriots?

ESPNBoston.com blogger Mike Reiss has handed out midseason awards for the Patriots, who are on their bye week.

Reiss delivers the typical honors, naming Wes Welker offensive MVP and Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren defensive MVPs.

But Reiss lists many other awards such as biggest surprise, biggest disappointment, best/worst in-game decision, best/worst play of the season and best/worst game of the season.

Can't say I can argue with any of the selections, but purely from a psychological statement standpoint, I think the 59-0 victory over the Tennessee Titans should have gotten mention for best game.

The games Reiss mentioned (Baltimore Ravens in Week 4, Denver Broncos in Week 5, Buffalo Bills in Week 1) were uber-competitive and rightly mentioned, but I think the Titans slaughter will be looked back upon as significant to getting the Patriots in the right place for the rest of 2009.