Can the Jets land QB Matt Flynn next?

Now that the New York Jets have hired a new general manager, the next big question is: Can former Seattle Seahawks executive John Idzik find a quarterback to compete with or supplant Mark Sanchez?

There is a backup in Seattle who should now catch New York's attention: Matt Flynn. Idzik was part of a front office that liked Flynn enough to sign the quarterback to a three-year, $19.5 million contract. It turns out Seattle drafted a better quarterback in rookie standout Russell Wilson. That makes Flynn a tradable asset this offseason.

The Jets will definitely be in the market for a quarterback. Sanchez had four years to prove he was the long-term solution and regressed. He is due $8.25 million in guaranteed salary next season. However, that doesn’t mean a starting job is secured.

Many have mentioned the idea of a straight-up trade involving Flynn and Sanchez, but I doubt that would happen. Pete Carroll was Sanchez's college coach at USC, but that doesn't mean Carroll and the Seahawks are willing to pay $8.25 million in 2013 for a struggling backup.

The Seahawks are smarter than that. If Idzik and the Jets want Flynn bad enough, Seattle would be better served securing a quality draft pick (or two) in order to continue building its team.