Morning take: AFC Championship edition

Here are the most interesting stories Monday in the AFC East:

  • Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrelle Suggs rips the New England Patriots after winning the AFC Championship Game by calling New England “arrogant” and saying to “enjoy the Pro Bowl.”

Morning take: I’m not sure what comments Suggs were referring to. But the Patriots were very respectful of the Ravens last week. Perhaps New England fans’ billboard of the Ray Lewis retirement party was wrongly attributed to the team.

Morning take: New England didn't choke. Baltimore clearly outplayed the Patriots deserves all the credit in this one. The Ravens were the better team this season and proved it over two games and eight full quarters.

Morning take: New England had been great on offense all year but scored a season-low 13 points against Baltimore. The Ravens know how to keep New England from making too many explosive plays.

Morning take: Brady played a poor game, but New England needs to get better at overcoming when Brady struggles. The Patriots too often look like a one-man show and eventually that catches up to them against good teams.