Jets GM 'comfortable' with Mark Sanchez

Jets general manager John Idzik said something Monday on WFAN radio that could make some New York fans nervous.

"I feel comfortable with Mark [Sanchez] being a Jet," Idzik said, according to ESPNNewYork.com.

But the new Jets boss properly hedged his bets with his next statement.

"I told him we're going to add competition and everyone should be up for it," Idzik added. "It's going to make Mark, and everybody else, better."

Idzik properly addressed New York's quarterback situation as it currently stands.

New York will search for the best quarterback possible to improve the position. But Idzik has a tight salary cap this offseason and it will be a challenge to find attractive options. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, Idzik says the Jets feel "comfortable" going with Sanchez for one more year because they would have no choice.

Money obviously plays a factor. The Jets owe Sanchez $8.25 million in guaranteed salary in 2013. Cutting Sanchez would be even more detrimental with more than twice the cap hit.

Seahawks backup Matt Flynn has been mentioned as a trade possibility due to Idzik's ties in Seattle. A top rookie draft pick also is a possibility to add competition. But it appears to be a sure thing that Sanchez remains on the Jets' roster next season. It is Sanchez's role as a starter or backup that is still to be determined.