Poll results: Are Jets fans serious?

Was this a gigantic troll job in the AFC East blog? Or are New York Jets fans really this fed up with embattled quarterback Mark Sanchez?

On Tuesday I referenced a report in the Newark Star-Ledger that the Jets had internal and “preliminary” discussions about former draft bust JaMarcus Russell. The former No. 1 overall pick is the posterboy for a quarterback quickly gone south in the NFL. And the fact that his name even came up behind closed doors with the Jets caused a stir in the AFC East blog and on social media.

But a poll was thrown in just for kicks. Russell has been out of the league for four years, and it was assumed Jets fans would choose Sanchez, despite his struggles, over a gigantic bust like Russell.

Not only was that assumption wrong, but it was way off. A vast majority voted for Russell as New York's starting quarterback in 2013 over Sanchez. I still can't believe my eyes. So I want to confirm if Jets fans really feel this way, or was this poll hijacked by Patriots, Dolphins and Bills fans?

Yes, Sanchez is struggling. Yes, Sanchez is not a franchise quarterback. But Sanchez has won in the playoffs and been to back-to-back AFC title games. He's accomplished more in his first two seasons than Russell probably will ever accomplish in his NFL career.

Therefore, I need a sanity check. Jets fans cannot be serious about wanting Russell over Sanchez at quarterback next season, right?