QB market gets thinner for Bills, Jets

One veteran quarterback many expected to hit the open market this offseason did not, as the Philadelphia Eagles agreed to a restructured, one-year contract with Michael Vick on Monday. It's a move that causes a potential domino effect for quarterback-needy teams like the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets.

Vick and Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers were considered the top two veteran quarterbacks who could be available this offseason. However, one of those options is gone with Vick staying in Philadelphia. In addition, the trade value for Smith just went up a notch or two.

Are the Bills or Jets willing to give up valuable picks in a trade for Smith? The Jets also could be interested in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks for backup quarterback Matt Flynn. Neither quarterback will come cheap.

If the trade market isn't an option for Buffalo and New York, quarterbacks like Matt Moore and Jason Campbell are free agents who are more affordable. However, none of these players are long-term solutions. The rookie quarterback class also has plenty of question marks.

Finding a new quarterback to supplant New York's Mark Sanchez and Buffalo's Ryan Fitzpatrick will not be easy. It will take some cunning moves on the part of the Jets and Bills this offseason, especially following Monday's news in Philadelphia.