Tim Tebow wisely avoids more controversy

Tim Tebow was at the center of controversy for most of last season with the New York Jets. He continued that trend in the offseason by previously agreeing to speak at a controversial church in Dallas, Texas.

However, Tebow wisely backed out of his speaking engagement at the First Baptist Church of Dallas in April. Tebow announced on his Twitter account Thursday that "new information" about the church led to a change of heart.

Tebow initially received bad press for the arrangement due to controversial views of church leader Dr. Robert Jeffress. Tebow is already one of the most polarizing athletes in the NFL. Everything Tebow does is monitored closely by the media and his immense fan base. He doesn’t need the added controversy.

There are plenty of churches Tebow can hold speaking engagements in his free time without the bad press. Tebow wisely made a decision that is best for his personal and professional image.