Previewing AFC East draft picks

The Miami Dolphins are at the top, the New England Patriots are on the bottom, and the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills are somewhere in between. That pretty much sums up the 2013 draft capital in the AFC East.

Here are the total draft picks for each division team:

  • No. 1: Miami Dolphins, nine picks

  • No. 2: New York Jets, seven picks

  • No. 3: Buffalo Bills, six picks

  • No. 4: New England Patriots, five picks

The Dolphins not only have the most picks, but they have quality picks. Miami has five valuable picks in the first three rounds. That includes two picks in the second round and two picks in the third round. The draft capital is a big reason Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is confident they can close the gap with the AFC East champion Patriots. Only the San Francisco 49ers (11) and Seattle Seahawks (10) have more draft picks than the Dolphins.

Speaking of the Patriots, New England is tied for the fewest picks in this NFL draft with five. The Patriots are a strong candidate to trade out of the first round to gather more picks.

The Bills and Jets have six and seven picks, respectively, and both teams are at the top of the draft. Buffalo holds the No. 8 overall pick, and New York has the No. 9 overall pick.