Westhoff has no regrets over kicking to Ginn

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

New York Jets special teams guru Mike Westhoff called it the worst game of his 27-year NFL coaching career.

Miami Dolphins return man Ted Ginn took back-to-back kickoffs the length of the field for touchdowns in Sunday's wild, 30-25 victory over the Jets at the Meadowlands.

Westhoff offered no apologies Monday, when he met with reporters to explain what happened and insisted he didn't consider kicking away from Ginn after the first touchdown.

"No, absolutely not," Westhoff said. "We go into the game, we're one of the top three coverage teams in the NFL, and we have the second-best starting field position in the league. Absolutely not. We knew exactly what they were going to do."

He explained the first kickoff was so returnable because the ball hooked away from the coverage. The Jets couldn't set the edge, allowing Ginn to burst up the right sideline almost untouched for 100 yards.

Westhoff said he didn't regret kicking to Ginn again. The second touchdown went 101 yards but with Ginn coming to a dead stop at the 15-yard line and juking his way around two missed tackles before hitting the sideline.

Westhoff still ordered Jay Feely to kick to Ginn two more times after that.

Ginn finished with 299 kickoff return yards, second most in an NFL game. Teams usually wise up before the total gets so gaudy.

"I'm probably the guy who would pitch to Barry Bonds," Westhoff said. "So take it how you want."