Danger time for Patriots with Wes Welker

The New England Patriots, as usual, have been fearless and emotionless during their contract discussions with Pro Bowl receiver Wes Welker. New England has a number in mind and doesn’t plan to budge far from it. If Welker can get a better contract elsewhere, he's free to do so.

Now Welker is calling New England's bluff. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Welker is in “serious” contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos and could make a decision as early as today.

Is this a ploy by Welker to raise New England’s price? Or is Welker legitimately tired of stalled negotiations with the Patriots and finally ready to move on? That remains to be seen.

But by joining Denver, Welker has a chance to leave his good friend Tom Brady for another elite quarterback in Peyton Manning. Denver is just as close to a Super Bowl contender as the Patriots. So the move makes sense, especially if the money is better in Denver.

The Patriots had numerous chances to sign Welker dating back to last year. If Welker moves on to one of New England's biggest competition in the AFC, the Patriots have no one but themselves to blame.