Celebrating Tim Tebow's anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the New York Jets acquiring popular quarterback Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos. It was one of the most controversial and high-profile trades in franchise history.

One year later, the trade turned out to be a disaster. Tebow brought more attention to a team that already had a circus atmosphere. There was poor play, back-biting teammates, confused offensive coaches, benching quarterbacks and a 6-10 season. The year felt like 0-16 with the way the Jets were getting drilled in the media.

Now, Tebow's NFL career is in jeopardy. Tebow is still on the Jets' roster because the team would like to trade him. But there is virtually no interest, and Tebow most likely will be released.

The Tebow era in New York will be remembered mostly as a big mistake. It only lasted one year. But acquiring Tebow partially led to an awful season that cost former general manager Mike Tannenbaum his job and put head coach Rex Ryan on the hot seat.

New York starts a long rebuilding phase that probably won't include Tebow. The sooner the Jets move on from the quarterback, the better.