Kevin Kolb's Super Bowl talk is laughable

Quarterback Kevin Kolb suffered multiple concussions during his time with the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles. Perhaps some of those hard hits clouded his judgment on Monday.

Kolb said during his introductory news conference that he signed with the Buffalo Bills because he wanted to "win a Super Bowl." (Yes, you cannot make this stuff up.)

"I'm here to win the Super Bowl. Period," Kolb said Monday. “For me it was just straight: Hey, how can I go win? How can I go be successful?"

Did Kolb get lost in a time warp? Does he think he just signed with the Bills of the 1990s?

The Bills haven't been Super Bowl contenders for a very long time. They currently have the NFL's longest playoff drought, at 13 straight seasons and counting. Not since the "Music City Miracle," following the 1999 season, have the Bills participated in the postseason. Buffalo hasn't won a playoff game since 1995.

So let's be honest: Any talk of Buffalo winning a Super Bowl this season is laughable.

It will only make the Bills and that player, in this case Kolb, a punch line for the rest of the season. Buffalo is 22-42 (.344 winning percentage) the past four seasons and need to worry about simply making the playoffs first. Kolb is 9-12 (.428 winning percentage) as a starter in his career and should focus on having his first winning season. Period.

Kolb may not realize it, but his brash Super Bowl talk just added unnecessary pressure before he throws his first pass. Kolb is setting the bar too high for himself and Buffalo to handle in 2013. The Bills are a team in transition with a new head coach, a new offense, a new defense and a new quarterback. Rarely does that add up to a Super Bowl champion.

If Kolb is a bust, like he was in Arizona, many will remember his ill-fated comments during his first Bills news conference on Monday. Sometimes it's best to leave things unsaid.