Let's make a draft board!

It's that special time of year again, draftniks. It is time to put together another mock draft board with help from our AFC East community.

Next week, ESPN.com's blog network will hold its annual blogger mock draft. As a tradition, I follow the lead of NFL teams by making a draft board. I'm the general manager and will make up 50 percent, and all of you are my very large scouting staff and will count for the other 50 percent. As GM, I stay true to my final board.

Here is how it works: Pick one team, provide your top four players for that draft slot and send your ballot to our AFC East inbox or AFC East Twitter. Only one ballot per person will be accepted and please be realistic. For example, if you have Luke Joeckel going to the Miami Dolphins at No. 12 your ballot will be disqualified. I’m looking for realistic top four picks for each AFC East team.

I will leave the voting open for a few hours this afternoon. It is very important to bring your "A" game, AFC East draftniks.

Let's go!