Jets need immediate help in Revis trade

The New York Jets are running out of time if they want immediate help in a Darrelle Revis trade. The only way to do that is to finalize a trade for their star cornerback before next week's NFL draft.

That is why Sal Palantonio’s report Monday that the Jets are putting trade talks on hold is not good for New York. With the NFL draft rapidly approaching, the Jets are doing themselves no favors by dragging out the Revis saga.

If the Jets do not trade Revis by the end of next week, New York can only acquire future draft picks from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or another team in 2014. That does not help the Jets now, and it certainly does not help coach Rex Ryan, who probably needs to win this upcoming season to keep his job.

It's unlikely the Jets would trade players for Revis. New York simply does not have the cap room to take in multiple players and there is no way the Jets can get equal value that way for Revis, who is a top-10 talent when healthy. Draft picks are the best and only route for the rebuilding Jets.

New York's goal this week during the start of offseason workouts is to examine Revis' progress with his surgically repaired knee. That's fine. However, team doctors should be able to get a good feel for Revis in a matter of days. Trade talks need to resume immediately if the Jets plan to improve their 2013 roster.

If the Buccaneers are willing to give up a first-round pick this year (No. 13 overall) and at least one more pick for Revis, the Jets should jump at it. Everyone knows the Jets cannot afford to keep Revis beyond this season, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. The Jets have stalled long enough.