Remember last year: Draft edition

This is a time of optimism, as every team feels good about its rookie draft class. But sometimes fans in our AFC East community can go a little overboard.

For perspective, here are some comments from our community immediately following the 2012 NFL draft:

Miami Dolphins

  • “Am I the only one who thought the Dolphins' draft was awful? Ryan Tannenhill is shot, a wasted pick. They should’ve grabbed the best available player.”

  • “Sorry Fish fans, but having [Todd] McShay be a supporter of Ryan Tannehill is like a death sentence.”

  • “Outside of Tannehill, Miami had a really solid draft.”

  • “Tannehill is trash. He is an unproven QB and will not be successful in the NFL.”

  • “The Phins sleeper pick after round two will be TE Michael Egnew.”

  • “I think Egnew will be a beast. When was the last time we had a seam threat tight end who can catch and run a 4.4?”

  • “I like the Egnew pick because he can create mismatches over the middle as your prototype, seam-busting tight end. I'm lukewarm on the Lamar Miller pick but understand why we made it.”

Buffalo Bills

  • Tank Carder could be a steal and anchor the middle of the D for years to come.”

  • “TANK CARDER!!! I think he could come out of nowhere. I watched him on TV in multiple games at TCU. The man was a beast and all over the field.”

  • “Put your ear to the ground ... you can hear the stampede coming.”

  • “Say what ya want now, but the Bills take AFC crown.”

New York Jets

  • “The Jets hit homeruns on every one of their picks in every round this year. Got to be an A-plus draft.”

  • Stephen Hill is 6'4", 215, with 4.3 speed. So he didn't catch a lot of passes with the GT offense--neither did DeMaryius Thomas.”

New England Patriots

  • “[Patriots] also drafted Jake Bequette, who's more of pure pass-rusher than Chandler Jones and produced against SEC competition.”

  • “I'll bet Bequette becomes a force. Scary film.”

  • “Other than their last pick (cornerback Alfonzo Dennard), I thought the Patriots did a great job drafting.”

  • “Dennard has no value -- he will never play a single NFL game and he will be in jail before next year's draft.”

Remember last year?