Would Tim Tebow be a bust in CFL?

The NFL future of former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow remains cloudy. But Tebow could play in another league this year, such as the CFL, if he so desires. His rights have already been claimed by the Montreal Alouettes.

But would Tebow also be a major bust in the CFL? Former quarterback Warren Moon, who is well respected with Hall of Fame credentials, doesn't believe Tebow has what it takes to thrive in the league north of the border.

"If you can't throw the football, it doesn't matter where you play quarterback," Moon said. "You have to be able to throw it. That's his biggest problem, just being able to complete passes, be an accurate passer. I think he's a really good athlete playing the position, but I don't think that's enough sometimes."

Moon, who played in the CFL, brings up a good point: Other places like the CFL and Arena Football League are wide-open, high-scoring passing leagues. Tebow’s biggest weaknesses are his shoddy mechanics and throwing accuracy.

The more Tebow throws, the worse it is for him and his team. An NFL quarterback may need to throw 30 times a game to be successful. A CFL or Arena Football League quarterback may need to throw 40 to 60 times per game. It's hard to imagine Tebow thriving in that scenario, even against easier competition.

The best move for Tebow is to simply switch positions, the best way to prolong his football career. Tebow has the athleticism to play H-back, tight end, running back or special teams. Some teams would probably be interested if Tebow was more open-minded about a position change. But the more Tebow tries to be a throwing quarterback, the closer he gets to retirement.

Tebow would be wise to wait as long as possible for his next NFL shot. Going to the CFL right now would be a major risk. If Tebow fails in Canada, as Moon predicts, he may never make it back to the league where he won a playoff game as quarterback of the Denver Broncos.