Ditka would 'take chance' on Tim Tebow

One of the biggest debates currently going this offseason is which NFL team, if any, will take a chance on free-agent quarterback Tim Tebow. The former New York Jets player is available, but he's yet to receive any offers outside of the CFL and Indoor Football League.

But former NFL head coach Mike Ditka recently weighed in on Tebow. According to Ditka, who won a Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears, Tebow would have a job with Ditka's team if he was still coaching in the NFL.

"I really do think there's a place for him," Ditka told the Chicago Sun-Times. "If not at quarterback, I think he could play tight end. If I was in the league and coaching today, I would take a chance on him at quarterback."

Dikta also mentioned that playing Tebow at quarterback would require the offense to be “tweaked.” But it’s more like a major overhaul, like the Denver Broncos did during the 2011 season.

As we’ve mentioned several times, Tebow’s best chance to get a job in the NFL this season is to be open-minded to a position change. Tebow's biggest weaknesses are his throwing mechanics and lack of accuracy. But Tebow does bring other tools to the table, such as strength, running ability, toughness and high character.

Ditka is one coach in Tebow's corner. Unfortunately, Ditka is no longer with an NFL team.