Wildcat looking endangered

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. --Somebody call the World Wildlife Fund and propose some protections to save the Wildcat.

For the third straight week, the Miami Dolphins failed to conjure much magic with their specialized offense.

The Dolphins had to employ different tactics to compete with the New England Patriots yet still couldn't generate enough offense Sunday in a 27-17 loss.

Although the Dolphins managed to squeeze out a 1-yard touchdown pass from Ronnie Brown to tight end Joey Haynos, they gained just 7 yards on their 10 Wildcat tries.

That's consecutive games averaging less than 1 yard per play. They ran seven Wildcat plays for 6 yards against the New York Jets in Week 8. Over their past three games, the Dolphins have gained 40 yards on 31 Wildcat plays.

But the Dolphins managed to give future opponents something else to worry about.

Rookie quarterback Pat White finally made some positive contributions by running the option, an offense he thrived on at West Virginia.

On an 80-yard touchdown drive in which the Dolphins didn't complete a pass in the second quarter, White kept the ball for runs of 33 and 4 yards and shoved the ball to Ricky Williams for the final 15 yards.

The Dolphins averaged 13 yards on his four plays in the first half, but the Patriots cut the damage considerably in the second half. White averaged only 2 yards on his four plays in the second half.

White went into the game with four rushes for 2 yards and one failed pass attempt for the season.