Marv Levy earned place among top coaches

The Buffalo Bills have struggled for so long that it's getting increasingly difficult to remember this was once the most dominant franchise in the AFC. At the head of Buffalo’s dominance was former Bills coach Marv Levy, who became the only coach to win four consecutive AFC Championship Games from 1990-93.

Many criticize Levy for never winning the big one. But Levy probably doesn't get enough credit for leading Buffalo to four straight AFC titles. As former Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly points out to ESPN.com, that feat hasn't happened since and probably will never happen again.

Levy remains one of the NFL's all-time great coaches despite his 0-4 record in Super Bowls. Levy came in at No. 17 Sunday on ESPN.com’s all-time coaching list, which is a fair placement.

A missed kick by Scott Norwood in Super Bowl XXV against the New York Giants may have put Levy higher on this list. Most of the coaches ranked above him have at least one championship. But that shouldn't completely overshadow Levy's consistency and immense playoff success. He led Buffalo to the playoffs in eight of his 11 seasons. For perspective, the Bills haven't made the playoffs for 13 consecutive seasons, which is the longest drought in the NFL.

Many head coaches have come and gone with the Bills since Levy. But no one has come close to matching his accomplishments in Buffalo.