Could 'Hard Knocks' return to AFC East?

HBO's award-winning series "Hard Knocks" has made the AFC East home in recent years. The New York Jets were the subject in the summer of 2010, and the Miami Dolphins were on last year.

Could the popular show return to the division in 2013? Let's examine the possibilities of HBO chronicling another AFC East team in training camp this summer.

Buffalo Bills

Thoughts: The Bills are a small-market team without a lot of sexy storylines. But they do have a three-way quarterback controversy and are trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 1999. There are some things to work with. But the lack of national interest in the Bills would probably make HBO less interested in coming to Buffalo.

Chances: Below average

Miami Dolphins

Thoughts: The Dolphins are a much sexier team this year after getting good quarterback play from 2012 draft pick Ryan Tannehill and spending more than $100 million in guaranteed contracts this offseason. But Miami did “Hard Knocks” last year, and the series has never done the same team two years in a row. It’s too soon. But maybe HBO will come back to Miami in the future.

Chances: Below average

New England Patriots

Thoughts: The chances of Patriots coach Bill Belichick opening his doors to the football world are next to zero. The Patriots act like the Secret Service when it comes to ankle sprains. There is no way New England will let HBO document its every move.

Chances: Zero

New York Jets

Thoughts: HBO would like a team like the Jets. They have a brash coach on the hot seat and there's always drama in New York. However, new general manager John Idzik is trying to clean up the circus-like atmosphere with the Jets. Avoiding “Hard Knocks” this year would be a good idea, even if the interest is there.

Chances: Average