Mercury Morris on undefeated Titans? I'll pass

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
I'm sure Mercury Morris is a fun guy to talk to. I've seen and heard enough of him to know he's an interesting character.

I've also seen and heard enough of him.

Here's an e-mail I got from his publicist or someone pumping him up as available to talk about the league's last undefeated team, an annual event as ridiculous as the one centered around Punxsutawney Phil. (At least Groundhog Day gave us an entertaining movie and the unforgettable Ned Ryerson).



In the last 35 years, over 1000 teams have fallen by the wayside in pursuit of the 1972 Miami Dolphins undefeated record. Only 7 games into the season this year and there remains one lone unbeaten team, the Tennessee Titans.

Just last year, the New England Patriots tore through the regular season and playoffs with a bold arrogance that turned off many spectators, including members of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins, namely legendary running back Mercury Morris.

This year, Mercury Morris is singing a different tune, actually hoping the Titans join his 1972 Dolphins in Perfectville. Considered the most outspoken member of the 1972 Dolphins, Morris had this to say:

"I'll be watching the Tennessee Titans and I hope to see them go unbeaten," Morris said. "We'd like a little company.

"I see many similarities in our two teams especially in the diverse running game, the fact that we were both playing with backup quarterbacks, the fierce defenses, and the great head coach at the helm.

"Every year, each team has just as much chance to win every game as it does to lose every game. It's called quantum physics and the laws of chance and probability. Thirty-one other teams have already gone down in flames, but the Titans have a 50-50 chance each week to win, and those chances never improve beyond 50-50 because on any given Sunday, anyone can win. As long as you keep that in perspective, you have a chance to win every game."

Is Morris a changed man or is this reverse psychology? If you want to speak to Mercury Morris directly, please respond to this e-mail and we can set something up.

After a few days of consideration -- OK, a few days of not cleaning up my inbox -- I've decided to take a pass. He's done an about face and now wants another undefeated team? Please.

Next year and every year I cover the league henceforth, I hereby pledge to root for every team in the league to be 1-1 after Week 2.

Then what will Mercury Morris do?