Memo to Patriots: Avoid Wildcat package

Don't do it, New England Patriots!

Do not even think about adding a Wildcat package to last year's top-rated offense after signing popular quarterback Tim Tebow.

In fact, any offensive formation that involves taking future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady off the field is an awful move by New England. I would also use the terms "dumb," "stupid" and "silly." What opposing defense wouldn't love to see more Tebow and less Brady for several plays per game?

Sometimes coaches have too much time on their hands in the summer. I can imagine Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels having discussions over the next several weeks about the possibility of adding the Wildcat package with Tebow under center.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, 53 of Tebow's 71 offensive snaps last season with the New York Jets were at quarterback. That's 53 offensive plays the Jets took away from starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, usually to run up the middle for a 2- or 3-yard gain. Maybe that made sense for New York. But it would be ridiculous for the Patriots to take even a fraction of those plays away from Brady this upcoming season.

It's still to be determined what Tebow's role will be in New England's offense. But it definitely should not be at quarterback at Brady's expense.

I wrote on Monday that adding Tebow does not make the Patriots a better team. If anything, it only brings a huge distraction and more questions than answers.