Morning take: Year 2 for Joe Philbin

Here are the most interesting stories Friday in the AFC East:

  • Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin is getting more comfortable with his team in Year 2.

Morning take: Philbin was a stern disciplinarian in his first season in order to set the tone for a new program. Now that players know what to expect, Philbin can be more relaxed in Year 2.

Morning take: Finally, some good news came out of New England this week. With legal trouble involving Aaron Hernandez and back surgery for Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots need something not related to their tight ends.

Morning take: Someone has to, particularly on offense in New York. The Jets are a young team without a lot of talent and in need of leaders. Mangold can provide that.

Morning take: Moulds was a solid receiver for Buffalo. He made the Pro Bowl three times, which is proof that he knows the game and can pass his knowledge to the younger generation.