Remembering the 2007 Patriots

The 2007 version of the New England Patriots could have gone down as one of the greatest teams ever. This team had it all: A Hall of Fame quarterback, a high-scoring offense, a solid defense and a chip on their shoulder with the Spygate scandal still fresh.

New England’s 2007 team steamrolled the competition during a perfect, 16-0 regular season. The Patriots also won two home playoff games before running into the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

Former Giants receiver David Tyree altered the course of history with a miraculous catch late in the fourth quarter. That led to New York’s go-ahead score in a 17-14 victory that ended New England’s non-perfect season at 18-1.

Despite their second-place finish, the 2007 Patriots remain one of the most interesting and talented NFL teams in recent memory. ESPN the Magazine's Seth Wickersham chronicled this group in depth on Friday, which you can read here.