Calls and Effect: AFC East penalty tracker

In honor of Sunday night's duel between two of the greatest quarterbacks ever to fling a Wilson, let's revisit pass interference calls in this week's edition of Calls and Effect.

The New England Patriots' and Indianapolis Colts' secondaries will be scrambling to keep Peyton Manning and Tom Brady from slashing them too much.

But the Colts' secondary has been squeaky clean all season. They've committed a total of only six penalties all year, but just one defensive pass interference -- on safety Tim Jennings for 3 yards. Jennings also has their lone defensive holding call. The Colts have not been flagged for illegal contact.

New England's defensive backs have been flagged nine times on defense (and a couple more on special teams). Cornerbacks Leigh Bodden and Darius Butler have one pass interference call apiece. Bodden's was for 14 yards. Butler's was declined.

Indianapolis receivers have committed offensive pass interference four times. Pierre Garcon has been guilty of three for 20 yards. Austin Collie had one declined.

New England hasn't been called for offensive pass interference.

Referee Scott Green will oversee the game. A look at the penalty logs shows Green's crew has thrown six defensive pass interference flags (four were accepted for 104 yards) and six offensive pass interference flags for 59 yards.

Green's crew ranks fourth among all crews in calling pass interference (offensive and defensive combined). The crews of Mike Carey, Walt Coleman and Jeff Triplette have called it 14 times with identical breakdowns: 11 defensive, three offensive.

Walt Anderson's crew has been the most lenient on interference with two defensive and one offensive all year.

As for the rest of the AFC East, the cleanest club is the New York Jets. They're the only team in the league that hasn't committed pass interference on either side of the ball all year.

The Miami Dolphins have been called nine times (six on defense) for 120 yards. Injured cornerback Will Allen was the perpetrator on three of them for 55 yards.

Thanks to the bye, the Buffalo Bills no longer are the NFL's most penalized team, so they've seen their share of yellow. But not when it comes to interference. They've been cited once on offense and once on defense, with the latter declined.