Will Darrelle Revis test luck in Miami?

MIAMI -- I'm not a superstitious person and apparently neither is Tampa Bay Buccaneers star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The latest reports coming out of Tampa is that Revis and the team are considering the third preseason game against the Miami Dolphins as a possible return date for Revis. The talented cornerback has been rehabbing his knee injury meticulously and appears close to returning.

But are the Buccaneers considering a risky move?

The goal is to get Revis ready for Week 1 of the regular season against the New York Jets. And if you recall the last time we saw Revis, he was crumbled on the field at Sun Life Stadium after his knee gave out. To have Revis’ first game back against the same team and on the same field where he blew out his knee last year is a bit eerie. Don't think for one second that the thought won't travel through Revis' head.

Miami’s passing game, and particularly speedy receiver Mike Wallace, could certainly use the test of Revis on the field for Tampa Bay on Aug. 25. But Revis is a priority for the Buccaneers, and playing against Miami in 10 days seems unnecessary.

Tampa Bay has more than three weeks before its regular-season opener against the Jets. Allowing Revis three more weeks to get healthy and in playing shape seems like the best route.