Manning emulates Marino, Kelly

INDIANAPOLIS -- NBC "Football Night in America" host Bob Costas sat down for an interview with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning as part of Sunday night's pregame show.

A couple of passages from the segment ...

Manning's thoughts on Tom Brady:

"I can't tell you where he ranks. I can tell you what a great quarterback he is or what a great leader he is. Certainly, when the stakes are at their highest, that's when he seems to shine and make the most plays. At the end of the AFC Championship [Game] a few years ago, I don't usually pray during a game but I just knew I gave Brady a minute, 23 [seconds]. That's just way too much time. ... He's made the hard look easy. He's one of the best."

Manning on the great quarterbacks who didn't win a Super Bowl:

"I still defend [Dan] Marino. I still defend [Fran] Tarkenton. I still defend Jim Kelly. All I know is what great quarterbacks they were. I've seen guys change when they've won one. They kind of say, 'I'm out of that club now. I'm in this new club.' I kind of like being in the old club with guys who just played their butts off every single Sunday. Jim Kelly, Marino, Tarkenton, John Stockton, you get guys not just in the NFL. I admire those guys for how long they played, how well they competed, how hard they competed. That's really all I want."