Dolphins film review: John Jerry

MIAMI -- The Miami Dolphins completed their fourth game of the preseason in a 17-16 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But this was the season debut for projected starting right guard John Jerry.

This week we highlight Jerry in our Dolphins’ film review.

First series

  • Jerry does a nice job one-on-one versus Spence, who tries to bull-rush. Tannehill completes a first-down pass to receiver Mike Wallace. (+1 point)

  • Jerry pulls to the right and gets a textbook block on Tampa’s linebacker to help spring Dolphins tailback Lamar Miller to a 20-yard gain. (+1 point)

  • Jerry plows forward and pushes the pile for Miller to gain four yards up the middle. (+1 point)

  • Jerry does a good job pass protecting against Spence during a completed pass to Wallace. (+1 point)

  • Jerry holds his block but Tampa’s defensive line gets penetration elsewhere and forces Miller to redirect for a short gain. (even)

  • Jerry has an easy assignment to set up a screen for a second or two to backup tailback Daniel Thomas. (even)

  • Pouncey and Jerry double Tampa’s defensive tackle on a check-down pass to Thomas. (even)

  • Dolphins run a draw up the middle for 5-yard gain and Jerry gets a good push. (+1 point)

  • Jerry attempts to pull to the left but fails to get to the spot in time. His assignment, Spence, beats him inside and gets a tackle for loss. (-1 point)

  • Tannehill completes a quick slant to receiver Brian Hartline on fourth down. Jerry barely engages. (even)

  • On first down, Jerry has trouble pulling to his left again as various Buccaneers defenders get in to tackle Miller for a loss. (-1 point)

  • The Buccaneers run a stunt on the right side and Jerry has trouble picking it up. He loses his footing and Tannehill takes a shot on a pass to Miller. (-1 point)

  • Jerry struggles with a swim move by Spence, who runs right by him. Tannehill takes another shot on an incompletion. Luckily, Tampa Bay was called for illegal contact. (-1 point)

  • Jerry does a nice seal block as Miller runs behind him for a short gain. (+1 point)

  • On another short gain by Miller, Jerry fails to find someone to block on the next level. (-1 point)

  • Spence hits Jerry with a swim move again to get inside. Tannehill has to get the ball out quickly. (-1 point)

Second series

  • On a quick sweep out to Thomas, Jerry attempts a seal block for a short gain. (even)

  • Spence does a bull-rush and shed Jerry to get a post-pass hit on Tannehill. Jerry is struggling with holding his initial blocks. (-1 point)

  • Jerry and Pouncey double Spence in the middle during an incompletion from Tannehill. (even)

  • On the final play of the first quarter, Spence beats Jerry inside again to make a tackle on Thomas. Jerry is pulled for Josh Samuda after the play. (-1 point)

Final grade: -2 points

Overview: Jerry started fast but clearly ran out of steam in his first game action this season. It makes sense why the Dolphins pulled Jerry after the first quarter. We saw some good things. Jerry pulled to his right well on Miller’s best run of the night. His early pass protection was solid. But Jerry tailed off and Spence began having his way with him. You wonder if Jerry still needs time to get into football shape. Jerry and the Dolphins have two more weeks of preparation before the start of the regular season.