Reflecting on Dolphins' roster predictions

MIAMI -- The Miami Dolphins made their roster cuts to 53 players on Saturday evening. In all, I correctly predicted 50 out of 53 players on Friday, which is a stellar 94.3 percent.

Here is a look at the three calls that I missed:

No. 1: QB Pat Devlin

Walker's bad pick: WR Marvin McNutt

Analysis: Whether to keep or release Devlin was probably the toughest decision Miami’s front office and coaching staff had to make. I predicted Devlin’s release because Miami had two good quarterbacks (Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore), and keeping him would impact depth at another position. The Dolphins went the other way and it impacted depth at wide receiver. Miami only has four receivers after cutting McNutt, who had a solid preseason. Maybe you can count five if you consider tailback and return specialist Marcus Thigpen as a legit slot option. The Dolphins run a lot of three-receiver sets and probably will add another player at that position in the coming days.

No. 2: DB Don Jones

Walker's bad pick: DT Kheeston Randall

Analysis: This one is a head-scratcher. Nothing against Jones, but Miami’s seventh-round pick was my biggest surprise to make the 53-man roster. In my opinion, Jones didn’t show enough in training camp or the preseason to get the nod, especially at the expense of a good backup defensive lineman like Randall. Jones is a draft pick, and that always carries weight with general manager Jeff Ireland. It’s early for Jones. Maybe he eventually turns into a player. But Randall is a good NFL player now and should find work soon.

No. 3: LB Josh Kaddu

Walker's bad pick: LB Austin Spitler

Analysis: This one could have gone either way, especially since Kaddu and Spitler are both backup linebackers. Miami went for the younger player instead. I thought Spitler’s experience and added value on special teams would be enough to get one of the final spots. But an argument could be made for either player. No complaints here with the Dolphins choosing Kaddu. However, all three players who made it are on the hot seat considering the Dolphins are expected to make waiver claims.