Waiting for league discipline

FLORHAM PARK, NJ -- Three members of the Jets offensive line are waiting to see if they will be issued fines after a melee in the fourth quarter of a 13-10 loss in New England.

“Right now it’s still up in the air, we haven’t received any information so kind of waiting on it,” Willie Colon said.

The scrum was sparked as center Nick Mangold tackled Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib after he intercepted a pass from Geno Smith. The tackle was low and into the Patriots sideline, and Jets coach Rex Ryan said he could see how that upset their opponents.

“As it played out I can understand, because the hit ends up being, as the guy goes out of bounds his back turns to him,” Ryan said, “so he hits him out of bounds. So I understand the penalty -- but it wasn’t intentional by any stretch.”

In the aftermath, right guard Colon was ejected for shoving an official.

“I saw my brothers over there and I was running to their aid,” Colon said. “I’ve always been like that, I’m always going to be that guy. I saw Nick and Brick over there and I see the Patriots and I joined the party.”

Left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson was ejected as well. Ferguson, who says he does not remember exactly what happened, appeared to punch a Patriots player.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with (league discipline),” Ferguson said, “It’s just an unfortunate incident.”

Suspensions seem a remote possibility at this point. None of the three have a track record of dangerous hits. Ryan did not publically take any of the three to task for their part in their scrum, and didn’t want to speculate on discipline.

“That’s probably a league matter,” Ryan said. “A lot of times things happen in the heat of the battle, especially in a tight game, emotions are running high. But there is no way Nick’s hit was intentional, no way was it supposed to be a cheap shot.”