Milliner adjusting to checks and benches

FLORHAM PARK, NJ -- When Dee Milliner was benched on Thursday against the New England Patriots, the person he turned to for advice was Antonio Cromartie. What was the veteran cornerback able to provide the rookie?

“Keep me levelheaded, keep me focused,” Milliner said Monday.

He’s going to need those qualities, because coach Rex Ryan isn’t saying whether he is ready to go back to the Alabama product after a first half of botched reads, including a mistake that led to the first and only New England touchdown on the first series.

“I just want to let this week play out and we’ll put the guy in there that we think gives us the best chance to play well,” Ryan said.

Ryan said he was impressed with how Kyle Wilson responded, and said Darrin Walls “bailed us out.” Milliner said the cornerbacks were rotated in during Monday’s practice, rather than having a specific corner who played with the starters all the way through.

“I’m not worried about it,” Milliner said. “Just going to come in and work every day, still do the same thing I’ve been doing.”

Milliner didn’t shy from acknowledging that the transition from college to the NFL has its challenges.

“Go out there, line up, getting acquainted with all the checks and everything,” Milliner said. “Last week a game with Tom Brady, one of the great quarterbacks, lot of checks and things. He’s going to see, and he knows who’s going to be open so he’s going to check to it and go to it right away. I’ve just got to move faster and be alert.”

“Whatever they decide I’m fine with it,” Milliner said.