Scouting report: Grimes on Falcons WRs

DAVIE, Fla. -- The Miami Dolphins aim to go 3-0 in Sunday's home opener against the Atlanta Falcons (1-1). Perhaps Miami's toughest roadblock to reaching that goal is slowing down Atlanta's talented receiver tandem of Roddy White and Julio Jones.

What makes the Falcons' duo so dangerous? ESPN.com sat down this week with Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, who spent six years in Atlanta and is a former teammate of White and Jones.

Grimes' scouting report on Roddy White:

"Roddy is a very physical receiver. He has speed. He's got everything. He catches the ball well in traffic. He's aggressive. He wants to get after you. He wants to block you. He doesn't have any problems blocking. He's just a great receiver. I've seen him get better. Now, he runs every route well. His hands have improved in traffic. He makes the tough catches. His hands are strong. He makes the tough catches over the middle. He just made a lot of improvements as a receiver.

"It's tough to get a weakness on someone that talented. He's a big guy. Me, I'm just trying to play football against him and just react. You can't guess out there, because he's not predictable. So you can't be out there guessing. You just have to go out there and just play and stay around him. You stay as close as you can to him and make it as tough as possible.

"Who is a big, fast receiver in the past? You could say he compares to someone like Michael Irvin. But White is a faster version of Michael Irvin. If you compare now [to current receivers], he's like an Andre Johnson-type receiver.

"I remember we were playing either the 49ers or the Bengals. I forget who it was. But we were down, we threw a pick and [White] chased the dude down and stripped it. We got the ball back, drove down and won the game. I remembered, because I texted him something like 'Roddy White, you're the man.' That was awesome. I went against him a whole lot in practice. He knows how I play, I know how he plays. So I guess you can call it a push."

Grimes’ scouting report on Julio Jones:

"He's like Roddy, but he's bigger. He's also faster than Roddy, especially now. Julio is just a freak athlete. He's big, he's strong, he can jump -- he can do everything. If you can make a receiver, it would be Julio. He's a beast.

"It's tough to get a weakness in either of those two guys. I got the utmost respect for both of them. They're my friends. I like them a lot. We've been through a lot of battles together. I went against Julio a lot in practice, too. They're both great players. You ask for a weakness, and I really can't give you one and say there's something they can't do, because they can do it all.

"Julio is a tough one [to compare] because he's such a freak athletically. Julio and A.J. Green -- Julio is bigger, stronger. But [Jones] like that type of receiver. Him and Roddy are very competitive. So they're trying to make every play. It's always a battle. You know you're going to have a battle in practice and the game.

"Like Roddy, Julio also wants to block. If you put on the film, you always see Julio trying to block people down the field. That's what he does. He's just a great dude. When he first came in, obviously he had all the tools. The Falcons just made him a down-the-field threat. Now, you see more they are throwing him screens, him running after the catch and breaking tackles. He's just elevating his game and getting his connection with Matt [Ryan]. Roddy has been there for a while, so they were already on the same page. But now, Julio working with Matt for a few years, they are getting that feel and they just know what they want to do.

"He's getting better and better. He's very aggressive. He will run straight at you. He's strong and a big dude. He's 230 pounds at receiver [and] can run fast. The sky is the limit for that guy. He's just like Roddy. Roddy had all the talent, and he got better as he got more time with Matt and the system. That's the same thing Julio is doing right now. Just put on the tape and you can see what he’s doing with it. You already knew he could do everything, as far as running and catching. But as he learns the system better, he's only going to get even better."