Woody, team execs do push-ups at practice

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The New York Jets are serious about this penalty-prevention thing.

The three highest ranking members of the organization -- owner Woody Johnson, president Neil Glat and general manager John Idzik -- hit the ground Wednesday, banging out 30 push-ups apiece because of three penalties that occurred in practice.

It's Rex Ryan's new edict: Ten push-ups for every penalty. It's mandatory for players and coaches -- except the offending player, who has to watch the others pay for his mistake. Ryan, in a show of unity, challenged every member of the organization to participate. Setting an example, The Big Three followed through. It didn't happen during the 30-minute period open to the media. During that window, Johnson -- the billionaire boss -- was seen wearing a blue blazer and dress slacks.

This, of course, was in response to the Jets' 20-penalty debacle in Sunday's win over the Bills.

"Obviously, we're 32nd in the league, probably closer to 33rd, if that's possible," Ryan said. "It's just not us. It's not who we are, so we're trying to fix it. And we will fix it."

The Jets had the fourth fewest number of penalties last season.