Marrone held Jairus Byrd out of game

CLEVELAND -- Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone said that he decided to hold Jairus Byrd out of Thursday night's game, despite the Pro Bowl safety saying he was ready to play.

"He told me right before the game that he was ready to go," Marrone said. "It was a coach's decision. It was my decision to hold him out."

Byrd worked out on the field about four hours before the game, later huddling with Marrone, general manager Doug Whaley and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Byrd has plantar fasciitis, a foot condition, and has said he wants to be fully healthy before returning to the field.

After the game, Byrd said the decision not to play was out of his hands.

"He just didn't think it would be best for me to go tonight. That was his call. I can't control that," Byrd said. "It is what it is. It's his call. This is his show."

This was the fifth game Byrd has missed this season. However, he was a full participant in practice on Tuesday, the first time he has not been limited during the week.

"It was the first time we did things full speed. We practiced a little bit this week. It's my responsibility to make sure that we put a player out there that has gone full speed for a full week," Marrone said. "If it was a Sunday game, I think it could have been different."

The Bills will play their next game Oct. 13 against the Cincinnati Bengals, which could be a date to circle for Byrd's return.

"It's encouraging moving forward with him," he said. "I was happy that he could do it, I appreciate that, and now we'll get him in there, get him practicing and get him ready to go."

Byrd emphasized that he is now ready to come back.

"I'm ready to go," Byrd said.