Power Rankings: No. 26 Buffalo Bills

A weekly examination of the Bills' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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Just when things were starting to look up, the wind has come out of the Buffalo Bills' sails.

Two weeks after reaching a season high at No. 20 on the ESPN Power Rankings, the Bills have slid six spots to No. 26. It's the lowest they've been ranked since Week 3, when they were 1-1.

It's been just nine days since the Bills held a 10-3 halftime lead over the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. Since then, they've scored just 13 points in six quarters.

While the playoffs were probably never a realistic goal this season, the question for the Bills has gone from "How high can they rise?" to "How low can they fall?"

With the No. 12 New York Jets coming to Buffalo for the Bills' second-to-last home game of the season, it's a fair question to ask. If the Bills can't take down the No. 29 Falcons, No. 31 Buccaneers, or No. 32 Jaguars -- their three games after their bye week -- then they could fall into the NFL's basement once again.