Ed Reed finds shadows among Jets

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Josh Bush has been looking up to Ed Reed ever since he started seeing him on SportsCenter. So when the young defensive back for the New York Jets saw the veteran safety on Thursday in the locker room, Bush walked right up to him.

“I said ‘Mr. Reed, how you doing?’” Bush repeated to reporters. “’I'm your shadow.'"

Reed’s response was positive, Bush said.

“He said ‘No doubt,’” Bush said. “He was all for it, he’s a good guy.”

Reed might be a 35-year-old in a young man’s game, just released after an unsuccessful stint with Houston, but his addition to the Jets' roster was met with enthusiasm by players in the locker room, some of whom said Reed is a key addition for a playoff run.

“Because, he’s still Ed Reed,” cornerback Ellis Lankster said.

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie explained what Reed could bring to the Jets' defense, which has struggled to defend deep balls.

“His ability to be a ball-hogging safety, there’s a guy who can turn an interception into a touchdown, make big plays,” Cromartie said. “ (It’s) Something we’ve been missing.”

Reed helped a young Dawan Landry when they were in Baltimore, and on Thursday, Landry returned the favor by helping Reed get lined up in team drills. Landry laughed that seeing Reed made him feel like a rookie again.

“A guy like that, all the interceptions, all the big plays he’s made in his career, I’m pretty sure he’s going to do the same thing here, too,” Landry said.

It didn’t happen for Reed in Houston, something that both Ryan and Reed talked about as being about the right fit. Ryan pointed to Randy Moss' career in Oakland compared to the success he found in New England. Ryan said Reed already fits in New York.

“(Reed is) always making plays,” Bush said, “and a guy like that, he’s been doing it for so long, obviously he knows something about the game that a lot of people don’t know.”

Ryan and Reed were together in Baltimore when Ryan was the defensive coordinator, so Reed is inherently familiar with some of the schemes the Jets employ on defense.

“But I’m sure he’ll pick it up real fast,” Landry said. “A lot of the terminology has carryover from when we were in Baltimore together. It’s going to be fun.”

More than fun, it could help this 5-4 team get a little bit closer to a playoff run.

“We’re just trying to take that next step, take each game one day at a time,” Landry said. “Playoff run is on our mind, so we’re just going to work each and every day.”