Marrone: 'I'm not a groupie' for Bon Jovi

It's Aug. 18, 1986.

Only 20 members of the current Buffalo Bills' 53-man roster are alive, Syracuse lineman Doug Marrone is in his first training camp with the Los Angeles Raiders, and Bon Jovi just released their landmark album, "Slippery When Wet."

Now fastbforward more than 27 years. Jon Bon Jovi's musical career has earned him a sizable fortune, and according to a report Sunday from CBS Sports, the rock star is "among the parties positioning to purchase the Buffalo Bills when the team comes up for sale."

Marrone, in his first season as Bills head coach, was asked Monday if he has met Bon Jovi, who has built ties with several NFL owners and coaches.

"C'mon, now! I'm from the Bronx. I didn't grow up with special privileges. I really don't [know him]," Marrone said. "I'm just a football coach. I'm not a groupie!"

Contacted by the Associated Press on Monday, Bon Jovi's publicist said that while the singer is interested in becoming an NFL owner someday, he has not yet engaged in discussions with current Bills ownership.

Meanwhile, Bills players on Monday addressed the possibility of playing for a team owned by a superstar performer.

"That's out there. Of the theories, if [Jim] Kelly was going to buy the team or whoever, Bon Jovi is probably the most out there," center Eric Wood said. "But those rock stars accumulate a ton of money and who knows if he's a big enough football fan. [But] if he wants to get involved, I'm sure he could assemble the money."

Wide receiver Steve Johnson also was aware of the report.

"I mean, he's not throwing the ball to me," Johnson said, laughing. "It is what it is, but I guess that was pretty cool. Right now we just have to worry about the Falcons."