Porter gives Marshall no quarter, talks Obama

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
DAVIE, Fla. -- What a great day to be a reporter at the Miami Dolphins facility.

An opposing player, this time Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, called out Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter the day before. Wednesday was Porter's first chance to respond, and with a day to formulate a response, the material promised to be blog gold.

To make the setup even juicier, Porter conducted a conference call with Seattle Seahawks reporters in advance of Sunday's game before appearing at his locker.

On the call, Porter bemoaned his recent fines for criticizing officials and openly wondered why Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Matt Jones hasn't been punished for being arrested on felony cocaine charges.

"I'm still trying to figure out how a guy gets caught with cocaine in the car and he still plays the game and nothing happens to him," Porter said. "They ain't had no penalty or nothing. I'm trying to figure that out. He got caught with some cocaine in his pockets. Everybody knows it. But Matt Jones is still up there playing football and nothing's ever happened to him. So I'm still trying to figure out how you get away with that, and you're fining people $20,000 for making comments about media or refs."

Those comments sounded like a warmup act for an explosive session with South Florida reporters.

But Porter switched gears. He briefly touched on Marshall's comments, but wanted to talk more about Barack Obama and how there's a belief in the Dolphins' locker room anything can happen in the AFC East race.

The first question was about Brandon Marshall:

Porter: I'm not going to spend no time on this guy. He's not a threat to me. That game is over. They got a game [Thursday], and he's worried about me. I mean, you might want to watch him, though, making comments about another man's muscles. That's not really want you want to be doing in the locker room. You shouldn't want to be making those comments about somebody's muscles.

What about Marshall's comments about you dancing shirtless in clubs?

Porter: I'm over that. Barack Obama. Today's a history day for me. I witnessed something great [Tuesday] night, so I'm not going to let Brandon Marshall mess with my day today. Today is a great day, a day for change. So Peezy's going to change today. I'm going to be the bigger man and turn the other cheek and not even worry about this young dude right here.

Would you like to meet the Broncos in the playoffs to settle this on the field?

Porter: See? That's the problem. We're giving this guy too much limelight right now. We're talking about him. Now we're getting caught in that same trap. Let's not talk about him. We're about to play Seattle. I need to be talking about how I'm going to try and stop Seneca Wallace and thee rest of these guys. I'm not giving [Marshall] no more attention. It worked. You get your little five minutes of fame. You was on TV. Hopefully, everybody in your family seen you on TV. I hope that worked for you. Now let's move on. We're supposed to be brothers! Barack Obama, man.

You turning the other cheek is a bad turn of events for the media.

Porter: I don't know what to tell you, man. I'm not going to give you no more time talking about this guy. Don't mean to cut y'all off, but if we don't start talking about Seattle, this conversation's over with.

How late did you stay up last night?

Porter: I stayed up 'til like 2:30 in the morning, man. Me and my mom and my aunt, we partied all night. It was a history moment for us. We're still excited about it. We're going to party again today. I heard the bad news earlier in the day. Then I had some great news later on that night. Now I've been on this great news. I ain't going to worry about that bad news I heard earlier.

Joey, not many in your tax bracket are Obama supporters.

Porter: Everybody has their own choices. That's why you get a chance to vote.

Why are you excited about Barack?

Porter: Because. This is history. Never in my lifetime I thought I would see and be here and actually witness a black president. For America to accept us on that level, as people we went through a whole lot. Not to get political with y'all, but at the same time you've got to understand he's going to the White House. That's a big day for me. That's a big day for anybody that's my color and is from my culture and feels like we feel. That's a huge. monumental day. My little 4-year-old, that's the first president he will grow up knowing. It's a historical day for me. That's why I'm not about to waste this great day on that dude.

I can't explain it to you. I have a natural high that makes me feel so good. I have no problem rolling over and paying attention to nothing else. I've got comments for Seattle, but the rest of our day, I'm still in shock. I'm still in awe this really did happen. Its showing the world has changed.

Can you put into words the notion your children will grow up in a totally different America than we know?

Porter: For me telling them that they can do whatever and be whatever all their life, that was the story I preached to them. But actually seeing this? It's whatever they want to be. It's possible. Whatever they set their mind up for, you truly have equal opportunity to do whatever you want to do. Once you see this happen? We can do whatever we want to do.

What are the Dolphins' chances to make the playoffs?

Porter: The sky's the limit. Coming into this year, everybody had us counted out. Nobody even thought we'd be in this position right now. For us to be in this position right now is good for us. We know everything is in front of us. We dropped four games. Can't do nothing about that now. We've got eight games to make it right, and all we can do is go one week at a time. Right now, we have a three-game homestretch. We've have to really take advantage of that.

Can you win the AFC East?

Porter: We've already beaten the two of the best teams in the conference with Buffalo and New England. We feel we're right there in the conversation of winning this division. If you said that at the beginning of the year, nobody would've believed it. Now you look eight games in the season, we're right there behind them.

How emotional was your family Tuesday night?

Porter: There were tears shed. That's what I'm trying to explain. My brother called me, like, "Joey, you understand what just happened? Don't even waste no time with [Brandon Marshall]. Makes no sense. There's too much good stuff happening right now for me to get caught up in some article from three, four days ago.

What impact do you think Obama can make?

Porter: It wasn't only just African Americans that voted. It's a lot of different [races]
that voted. If anything, it should bring us all together. It's a touchy situation, but if you trust this man to run our country, at some point we should all come together. This is who we got leading us now. You might as well get on board because it's going to happen whether you like it or not. The ship is taking off.