Graham, Goodwin quiet in December

Earlier this week, we noted that Buffalo Bills receiver T.J. Graham played 32 percent of the snaps in Sunday's win in Jacksonville, the least he's been on the field since Week 4.

With top receiver Stevie Johnson not expected to play Sunday against Miami, it could provide Graham with an opportunity to have a bounce-back performance.

In the past three games, Graham's production has been down. But he hasn't been alone; rookie speedster Marquise Goodwin has also been quieter than usual.

Combined, the two young receivers have been targeted 11 times in the past three games and have no catches.

Here's a look at their contributions this month:


Snaps vs. Atlanta: 66 percent

Targets vs. Atlanta: 2

Catches vs. Atlanta: 0

Snaps vs. Tampa Bay: 69 percent

Targets vs. Tampa Bay: 3

Catches vs. Tampa Bay: 0

Snaps vs. Jacksonville: 32 percent

Targets vs. Jacksonville: 2

Catches: Jacksonville: 0


Snaps vs. Atlanta: 36 percent

Targets vs. Atlanta: 4

Catches vs. Atlanta: 0

Snaps vs. Tampa Bay: 39 percent

Targets vs. Tampa Bay: 0

Catches vs. Tampa Bay: 0

Snaps vs. Jacksonville: 20 percent

Targets vs. Jacksonville: 0

Catches vs. Jacksonville: 0

So why is the duo struggling to produce? Part of that is the quarterback play -- EJ Manuel had his worst game of the season against Tampa and got off to a slow start in Jacksonville. Some of it may be penalty flags. While neither has a catch in December, both have drawn defensive pass interference calls.

There is also the idea that Graham and Goodwin may be one-dimensional receivers at this point in their careers. Both have breakaway speed but have been used sparingly as underneath receivers, where precise route-running and catching ability are more important.