Four ways Dolphins can make playoffs

Playoff scenarios this time of year can get confusing. But for the Miami Dolphins, the more options they have going into Week 17, the better.

Despite laying an egg this past Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, Miami (8-7) actually has a solid chance of making its first postseason since 2008. There are four possibilities for the Dolphins to make the playoffs.

Miami gets the final wild card in the AFC if...

  • Dolphins win and Baltimore loses or ties.

  • Dolphins win and San Diego wins

  • Dolphins tie and Baltimore and San Diego both lose.

  • Dolphins, Baltimore and San Diego all tie.

The final two scenarios are slim. But at least the Dolphins have multiple options.

The most important thing for Miami on Sunday is to win against the rival New York Jets (7-8). That will put pressure on other wild-card contenders to do the same.