Power Rankings: No. 19 New York Jets

A weekly examination of the Jets' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 32 | Last Week: 22 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

The Jets' Power Ranking was a mini-story all season because, as you probably know, Rex Ryan used the team's Week 1 ranking (32nd) as motivation, showing it to the players on the eve of the opener. During good times, that dead-last ranking was mentioned in interviews, mostly by Ryan and linebacker Calvin Pace, both of whom used it as fodder to mock critics. Funny, but it never came up during their three-game losing streak. We here at ESPN.com are glad that our power poll became part of the fabric of the Jets' season.

Based on the final ranking, you'd have to say the Jets were a success in 2013. Of course, it depends on your perspective. They climbed as high as 12th, coming off their upset of New Orleans in Week 9. So if you want to take the half-empty view, you might say they plummeted seven spots over a 3-4 finish.

How do we feel? We'll go with the old Bill Parcells saying: You are what your ESPN.com Power Ranking says you are.

Or something like that.