Hulkster back with another video for Pats

For the second time in two weeks, former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan has taken to YouTube to show his support (and pythons) for the New England Patriots.

This started last week when, after hearing that the wife of Patriots tight end Matthew Mulligan purchased a replica title belt from his merchandise store, Hogan pledged his allegiance to New England. The belt has been spotted in Mulligan’s locker in the Patriots’ locker room.

His latest motivational speech concludes with this inspirational message:

“As the energy of Hulkamania is passed through all the players, brother, as the power of the largest arms in the world is passed to the commander in chief, [Tom] Brady, the Patriots will be successful in every endeavor. The Patriots will dominate every time on the field.

“And if by some weird chance somebody's back cracks, liver quivers, or knees freeze, you can tear off one of the largest arms in the world, brother. You can tear off one of the Patriot missiles and you can strap it to Brady's waist if one of his wheels goes bad. Mully, you can use the other one to run touchdown after touchdown after touchdown.

“So whatcha gonna do, New England Patriots, when a piece of Hulk Hogan brings victory after victory for you, brothers!?”