Joey Porter apologizes to Matt Jones

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
DAVIE, Fla. -- Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter on Friday afternoon apologized to Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Matt Jones for using him as an example of NFL injustice.

"Matt, I'm sorry to bring it up," Porter said to a group of reporters here at the Dolphins facility. "I wasn't trying to use you like that."

In a Wednesday conference call with Seattle Seahawks reporters in advance of Sunday's game in Dolphin Stadium, the NFL's sack leader brought up Jones' felony arrest for cocaine possession in discussing the unfairness of Porter's recent $20,000 fine for criticizing officials.

"I'm still trying to figure out how a guy gets caught with cocaine in the car and he still plays the game and nothing happens to him," Porter said. "They ain't had no penalty or nothing. I'm trying to figure that out.

"He got caught with some cocaine in his pockets. Everybody knows it. But Matt Jones is still up there playing football and nothing's ever happened to him. So I'm still trying to figure out how you get away with that, and you're fining people $20,000 for making comments about media or refs."

Jones shot back Thursday by openly wondering if Porter had a crush on him.

Here is what else Porter had to say Friday:

"Our focus right now is on the Seahawks, but, obviously, he got the whole comment mixed up and how it came about. Somebody asked me about what I think about the fines and how guys getting fined in the league.

I hated to use [Jones] as an example. I didn't really want to put him that type of position. But it was the best example I had. You talk about guys getting fined and stuff like that. It's clear cut about what happened. There's no need for me to repeat what happened [with Jones' arrest]. So you put that versus making a comment of a game and giving your opinion -- that's all it was was my opinion -- and you get fined $20,000 for that? Then you take his situation and nothing happens? You tell me you're cracking down on stuff, is that cracking down? What are we saying what's good? We're saying that's OK to do that? But you give your opinion that's not OK, that cost $20,000. So my words ... I don't even know what to say now because I'm scared if I say something bad again, they can come get me again.

He didn't miss no games. So nothing happened. If you're suspended that takes effect immediately. You get caught with something like that ... OK, my fight [in Las Vegas on March 18, 2007]. Take it back to my fight. I didn't even get a ticket or nothing. I didn't get arrested or nothing. [Roger Goodell] stepped in and made his decision we're going to fine you $60,000 -- right off the top. Right or wrong. Didn't go to jail. Never got a ticket. So you're saying it's OK to do drugs, but fighting's not. That's what we're teaching our kids. Fighting, that's a no-no. Drugs, we'll find a different way to deal with it.

That's my comparison. So that's where it came from. Matt, I'm sorry to bring it up. I wasn't trying to use you like that. They asked me a tough question, and when you ask me a question I'm going to give a real answer. It's not like I'm not the only guy that even thought about that. You have guys getting fined for all kinds of stuff and this happens and you see nothing happens. What do you get fined for? So what is good and what's not good. I'm still trying to figure that out.

I'm not even trying to get in a war of words with Matt Jones. I apologize for using you, but you were the example that was clear to everybody. Everybody in the league is looking at it like "He did this and nothing happened." I'm not making this up. This is real stuff that happened. So that's how that came about. Sorry, Matt."

When asked about Porter's colorful week with the media, Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano laughed and shook his head.

"I'm just worried about Sunday," Sparano said."I hope he has a colorful Sunday."